Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Java And The Real World Applications

Java is a popular programming language platform for making web and mobile applications ranging from small scale business to large scale enterprise systems.

Java was first presented in the year 1995 by James Gosling of Sun Micron Systems. Java is simple, powerful and a flexible platform independent language. That means, it can run on any platform like Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, etc. Currently, many web developers are turning into Java to deliver Web 2.0 app which caters to a variety of needs of the users.

Real World Java Applications 

Is Java still used to develop any real word application? Many people are skeptical about Java whether it has still any scope as there are a lot of other programming tools available in the market today.

However, the fact is that Java is still the powerful platform to develop real world applications like e-commerce websites, desktop applications, scientific and financial applications, game development, Android apps, open source library, J2ME apps. 

Listed Below Are Some Real Word Applications of Java:

1) Android Apps
The Android phone apps are written in Java programming language, with Google's Android API. Today, many Java programmers have become Android App developers.

2) Java Web Applications
With wonderful Java, it is also possible to code big E-commerce and web applications, using the frame works like Spring MVC, Struts 2.0. Simple Servlet, JSP and Struts based web applications are popular for government, healthcare, insurance, education, and several other department projects.

3) Financial Services Industry
Several global Investment banks like Standard Charted, Barclays, Citigroup use Java. In order to write server side applications, Java is used mostly now a days.

4) Software Tools
Java is used for developing many useful software tools like InetelliJ Idea and Netbans IDE.

5) Trading Applications
Several trading applications also use Java. Murex - a popular trading application is written in Java.

6) Embedded Systems
Java has a big role in in the embedded systems development. As Java programs are too less in size, it is highly suitable for smart cards or sensors. Actually, Java was designed for embedded systems.

7) High Performance Systems
Java is so popular for creating high performance systems, like Trading System applications.

8) Scientific Applications
Currently, Java has become a default choice and preferred platform to develop scientific applications. The reason is Java is safer, easily portable, highly maintainable and with top level concurrency tools than C++ or any other languages.

Java Application Categories:

  • Desktop Applications: These are individual standalone programs that can run on desktop computers.

  • Web Applications: It can run over internet. The web based apps are stored on a web server and could be accessed through a web browser.

  • Applets –These are small software packages that can be embedded in a web page, and are performed by browser's Java Virtual Machines. Java Applets are now often used in developing communicating web pages.

To conclude, we can say: Java is simple and robust’!

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