Friday, 7 October 2016

The Mobile Application Development

Currently, the entire world has switched to mobile devices, and the communication through mobile is now becoming a key mode of how people interact together. It’s estimated that there are approx. 4.6 billion mobile users around the world right now, and the number is likely to be 5.07 billion by 2019.

The App Usage:

Android Apps:

1.7 million (approx.) Android apps are available currently, in Google Play store.

iOS Apps:

1.6 million (approx.) iOS apps are available currently, in the Apple app store.

Even though the mobile app development is a recently emerged sector, it has gained a much scope and significance in the software development arena. However, while planning to develop a mobile app, several factors have to be taken into consideration. Please find below some tips:

1. Identify the Purpose and Aim of the App
This is the first and primary step while thinking about the mobile app development. Defining a clear concept of your app and what solution it can offer will help you to identify your niche market and target customers.

2. Good Market Study
After specifying the goal and objective of your app, a thorough market study is highly important prior to the app development. A deep analyzing of the market will give a fine insight about the competitors, the good and bad side of their product, and what the current market actually requires.

3. Make it Simple and Something Different
People always love something different. So, try to make your app with some special features and specs.
At present, there are millions of mobile applications available, and smart phone users look for something new or special. So, the mobile app which you’re going to create should offer interesting features which make them engaging.

4. Fast and Efficient
The app you’re going to create should be fast working, efficient to solve the problems, and accurate in the functions. Furthermore, it should not consume more data.

5. Price of the App
Giving the right price for your mobile app is a very crucial factor. Do a research and market analysis how others are charging for a similar app like this.

6. Design for Multiple Platforms
It’s better to develop your app for multiple platforms as it may widen the reach of your business, ahead of more customers through your multi-platform mobile app.

7. Proper Testing of the App
Before launching your mobile app, proper testing should be performed. The app should be fast, easy to navigate, and yield maximum performance. Testing the app with beta testers will do fine. Moreover, several app testing tools are available in the market, now a days.

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