Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality or AR is a wonderful technology which turns the surroundings around you into a digital interface by adding artificial objects in the real world, in real-time.

The Augmented Reality technology is generally applied in the gaming arena. In AR games, immersive gaming experiences are created utilizing the actual surroundings. The biggest example of Augmented Reality game is Pokémon Go which allows users to follow and catch virtual Pokémon who are hidden in some areas of the real world environment.

Devices for Augmented Reality

  • Atheer AiR Glasses 
  • Vuzix M3000 Smart Glasses
  • ODG R-7 Smart Glasses
  • Sony SmartEyeGlass
  • Meta 2 AR Headset
  • Recon Jet Sports Eyewear
  • Magic Leap Head-mounted Virtual Retinal Display

  • Daqri Smart Helmet

How AR Works?

The main components of the AR are: a software to gather information on your surroundings, a smart camera, accelerometer, compass and GPS to locate the position in the real world. The location data obtained is then compared by the AR software to a database to check what the device is looking at and then allowing the device's artificial image to be displayed on the screen.

Augmented Reality Scope

The AR technology is currently used in some of the following areas:
  • Medicine
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Social Media

Programming Languages used for AR development

Mostly used programming languages are:
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java

However, AR developers should have advanced computer vision skills, 3D modelling and desktop, web and mobile programming knowledge. 

Here are some video links which might excite you:

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Friday, 10 November 2017

.NET FRAMEWORK: The Merits and Demerits

The .NET Framework developed by Microsoft is a programming platform which supports development of software applications for Windows, Windows Server, Windows Mobiles Phone, Microsoft Azure, and XML Web services. It has three major components like Common Language Runtime, Framework Class Library, and ASP.NET.

It is easy to build software and web applications using the .NET Framework. It supports multiple programming languages like Visual Basic.Net, Visual C#.Net, Visual j#.Net, JScript.Net. The applications developed using the .NET Framework can work on multiple devices and Operating Systems. The best advantage of using this framework is, the ability to reuse the code of different programming languages, wherever it is applicable.

.NET Framework Benefits:

  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Secure Development 
  • The quantity of codes can be reduced significantly
  • Drag and Drop options are possible.
  • Due to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) feature, it is easy to design UI in .NET platform.

.NET Framework Drawbacks:

  • It requires more system resources
  • It may not be pre-installed in the older versions of Windows. 
  • Managed code can be little slower than the native code 
  • It is more expensive.
  • The time consumption may be more 

Types of Applications which can be developed with .NET:

  • Desktop applications like Accounting/Inventory/supply chain management
  • Websites
  • XML Web services
  • Embedded systems applications like PDA/mobile apps
  • Console based applications
  • Service-oriented applications
  • Workflow-enabled applications

The Scope of .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is a great choice for the growing market trends all over the world. Now a days, more companies and developers are coming to join the .NET community. There is a huge demand for .NET developers today, and of course, it will increase in the future days. The scope of the .NET is never going to end…

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Human Like Robots

It was considered impossible to create a machine (robot) with feelings and emotions, but it is going to be NOT SO FAR that people can see everywhere robots with human like behavior, feelings and emotions. It has become possible to develop a computer program that can process this type of (emotions) data to create a real humanoid Robot which can have emotions and feelings and can interact with people naturally.

The developers of this robotic emotions code say that programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java,, Python can be used for this.

Recently, a Japanese telecom company has released a robot ‘Pepper’ which has emotions and feelings. It is considered as the “the first human like robot designed to live and behave with humans.

They say that the Pepper can feel joy, surprise, anger, doubt and sadness.

Some of the Most Life Like Humanoid Robots:


One of the most noticeable life-like humanoid is Sophia. She can express a variety of different emotions through her facial features and can gesture with her arms and hands.

Watch the video:

Kodomoroid – The News-Reading Android.

Watch the video:

Geminoid DK - The Ultra-Realistic, Humanoid Robot

Watch the video:

Junko Chihira

This ultra-realistic android robot works now in a tourist information center in Tokyo. She can speak Japanese, Chinese, English, German, and even sign language.

Watch the video:

Other Interesting Humanoid Robots:


It is a very sophisticated robot capable of moving through a variety of terrains and environments.  ATLAS is designed mainly for search and rescue.

Martin Kelly’s Head

The Martin Kelly’s Head looks much more real; the eyes seem alive, and the face moves naturally into a variety of expressions.


NAO is a robot which can walk, and it is much more flexible. NAO is smaller in size and relatively inexpensive also.


PETMAN is a robot designed for testing chemical protection clothing during exposure to chemical warfare agents. It balances itself and moves freely.


ASIMO is a three-foot-tall robot that can walk up and down stairs, pick up and handle objects, and it was the first robot to demonstrate the ability to run at a pace of 3.7 miles per hour.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

SDN - Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an approach to using open protocols to execute globally aware software control at the end of the network to access network switches and routers that typically do use closed firmware.

SDN enables the network to be intelligently controlled using software applications. This helps network operators manage the entire network consistently, without bothering the underlying network technology.

Software Defined Networking: The Benefits

SDN has so many benefits to offer like automated load balancing, on-demand provisioning, streamlined physical infrastructure and the capability to scale network resources in lockstep with application and data needs. 

SDN: The Evolution of the Networks

SDN helps the programming of network behavior in a centrally controlled manner through software applications by using APIs. By implementing a common SDN control layer, the network operators can manage the entire network and its devices consistently, regardless of the complexity of the underlying network technology.

The Critical Areas where SDN technology can make a difference:

  1. Network programmability feature: SDN helps network behavior to be controlled and maintained by the software which resides beyond the networking devices.  Hence, network operators can easily tailor the behavior of their networks to accommodate new services. 
  2. Logically centralized intelligence and network control: SDN enables intelligent control and smart management of network resources. With centralized control, bandwidth management, data restoration, network security, and policies can be highly intelligent and well optimized.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Role of Routers in a Network

What is a Router?

A Network Router is defined as an electronic device that connects multiple networks by sending data packets. Normally, a data packet is forwarded from one router to another router via networks until it reaches its destination node. 
The most common types of Routers are home and small office Routers that simply forward IP packets between home/office computers and the internet.

Functions of a Router

The main function of a Router is to forward the packets based upon a routing table. They also offer traffic segmentation, multiple broadcast domains and define network layer addressing subnets and networks. IP address are assigned to those networks which are defined by Router Network Adapters or Ports. These assigned IP addresses are considered as the default gateway to PCs, computer servers, or other networking devices.

In simple words, Routers communicate with each other to share information about the available paths to send data packets. 

Difference Between A Switch and Router

Actually, Routers and Switches are computer networking devices which allow one or more PCS to connect to other PCs, networked devices, or to other networks.

A switch connects multiple computers together in a LAN. After the first data transfer, it creates a “switch table” which matches the ports to connected devices by their MAC addresses.

A Switch can connect several devices in a LAN, and it can differentiate the computers as the data passes through it. Switches can recognize which port is connected to the device.

In a Router, IP address is stored in a routing table. The Routers Connect two or more networks, but at the same time, a Switch connects two or more nodes in the same network or different networks.

Types of Routers

Wired Router

They are box-shaped devices that connect directly to computers through wired connections. 

One connection port on a wired Router equips it to connect to a modem for receiving Internet data packs, while other set of ports allow it to connect to computers 

Virtual Router

A Virtual Router acts as a default Router for computers sharing a network. This Router works using the VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol), which becomes active when a primary physical router fails.

Core Router

A Core Router is a wired or wireless router which distributes Internet data packets within a network, but same time, doesn’t distribute data packets between multiple networks. 

Wireless Router

A Wireless Router forms a wireless local area network (WLAN). The most common standard for WLAN is Wi-Fi. To protect Wi-Fi networks, wireless routers normally employ wireless media access control (MAC) address filtering, and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security.

Some of the Best Routers Available in the Market, Currently:

  • Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless N300 Router
  • Netgear WNR614 N300 Wi­Fi Router
  • TP-Link TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N Router
  • Netgear WGR614 Wireless-N 150 Router
  • D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi 
  • Asus N600 RT N56U Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router
  • Apple AirPort Extreme Wireless Router

Advantages of Routers:

  • It can function on both LAN & WAN
  • Router can determine the best path for data 
  • It can connect different media & architectures.
  • Router can easily filter the broadcasts.

Disadvantages of Routers- 

  • Router works only with Routable Protocol.
  • Router is more costly than Hub, Bridge & Switch. 
  • Routing updates will consume bandwidth.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Mobile Game Development and the Scope

The games that are specially designed for mobile devices like smartphones, PDA, tablet PCs are called mobile games. Today, mobile games are easily accessible for users from app stores. Since mobile devices do require less number of system resources, the ingredients of these games are not more than that of PC games. In smart phones, touch screen displays act as user input.

Augmented reality game is the recent trend in mobile gaming. Augmented games are actually not limited to mobile devices only. It is a computer mediated reality in which a real world environment is depicted with advanced computer graphics. Such kind of games require high speed CPU, GPU, and a high RAM.
Through a network, mobile games can be played with multiple players also. A network connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are the things essential for playing with multiple users. It can also be played with different networks including Game Center, Google+, Mobango, Nextpeer, and Facebook.

Advantages of Mobile Games

More accessible

The games are always available and easy to pick up and play. Some games do not need internet connection too. It can be played literally anywhere without further hardware.

Free or Low cost to the costumer

Mobile phone games are almost free or can be purchased at a low cost. It can be downloaded fast and provides greater entertainment. 

Fun for hours

Mobile phone games can be played for hours and it’s a great entertainment for spending leisure time.

Multiplayer games

Mobile games will be more entertaining when playing with friends.

It helps us to learn computer and mobile operation quickly and efficiently.


  • Kids and teen agers mostly, waste their valuable time in playing video games for long hours.
  • People waste money on playing heavy games.
  • Kids continuously playing games for hours and it can damage their eyesight.
  • Playing continuously for hours will damage the battery life of the device
  • Playing games daily will make a person lazy and ignorant of the daily essential activities.


Mobile Game Development Tools

The game development software is complex, heavy and requires a skilled developer to manage the game project. The tools used for mobile development are:

App game kit

App Game Kit allows the developers to program their game once, and implement it at once across numerous mobile devices on the market available today.
This tool has its own basic script language and users can also code C++ if they want. This tool is easy to use for both experienced and unexperienced developers. 

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is a cross-platform development toolkit. It is used by more than 300,000 developers to make 2D games and apps for mobile. It uses the Lua coding language. The company has a huge library of over 500 APIs, and also include features from animation to networking.


Wwise is a popular audio tool in the game industry. It is used to mix unique sounds. It can easily be integrated into other development tools like Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and Marmalade. There are various plug-ins available For WWISE to meet the needs of sound designers.

Scope of Mobile Game Development

Initially, the mobile game development industry faced problems such as low battery life, low memory and less graphics hardware when mobile hardware development was in minority. However, the fast advancement in mobile technology has helped to create innovative and unbelievable performance games. 

Mobile games can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the Apple App store. Category of mobile game development include detective games, combat games, survival games, strategy games, simulation games, educational games, puzzle solving games, sport games, adventure games.

Future of mobile games are unpredictable. The built-in properties of hardware and peripheral accessories affect the way of mobile games are played, greatly. Gaming is an important part in entertainment industry. Firms are using games for training their employees. There is a high scope for mobile game development in healthcare industry too.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Cybercrime and the Preventive Measures

Cybercrime can be explained as misusing a computer for fraud or illegal activities like theft of private information, violating privacy of individuals etc. 

Today, Cybercrime is reported everywhere and every day, since computer and internet has started playing a vital role in each and every sector of our life, such as media, marketing, commerce, and entertainment.

New technologies are being invented in Information Technology every hour and it’s really great to have innovative technologies, but the fact is that, more the technologies, more the cybercrimes emerge. 

The difference between the cybercriminal activity and a traditional criminal activity is that a computer is to be used to commit a cybercrime, but the latter doesn’t require a computer. 

The most common type of cybercrime is the data stealing of individuals or corporate firms. 

Types of Cyber Crime

There are several kind of Cybercrime. Some of them are listed below:


The term masquerading means providing wrong information to the system by sending a TCP packet that has a fake source address which makes the packet seems coming from a reliable host.

Computer Intrusion

Computer Intrusion is a breaking activity that makes a computer harmful or the computer network works in an abnormal manner. These attacks include dispersal of viruses, misuse of the operating system etc. 

Denial of Service Attack

In the Denial of Service Attack, the directed users cannot get the resources or services on time. These attacks are executed on websites to damage their company activities or normal business functioning.

Salami Attack

This attack is executed for financial needs where a very small amount like $1 is deducted from a large base of single customers, and the individual customer may not notice the small change, but same time, the attacker gets a big wealth. 

Social Engineering

It is simply cheating the user by sending wrong emails or messages and also calling him/her to provide the confidential information.

Logic Bomb

It is an event driven attack, and generates only when an event occurs.

Smurf Attack

Smurf attack creates a huge amount of traffic on a network, and as a result, the network crashes. It is a type of DOS attack.

Email Bombing

It is an attack where a large number of emails are sent to the victim, causing his/her Email account to be crashed.

Cybercrime: The Protection Guidelines

  • Update and upgrade the Operating System ALWAYS.
  • Install or update Anti-virus/Anti-malware software regularly.
  • Keep the firewall on. A firewall helps to protect your device from cyber attackers or online intruders. 
  • Be careful while downloading. It’s better not to download anything from unknown resources; it may contain viruses or worms. Otherwise, turn ON the antivirus or antimalware software.
  • Turn off your computer. It’s a good and simple idea that turn your PC off always after the completion of your work. Delete the browser history and passwords each time also.

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Network Monitoring: An Overview

Network monitoring is the process of continuous monitoring of a computer network for slow or failing components.When any trouble occurs on the network, the monitoring system gives quick alert to the network administrator.

Particular software tools are used for the network monitoring task, and it can access the routers, firewalls, client and server. The efficiency and accuracy of computers are also analyzed by using network monitoring systems.

Network Monitoring Advantages:

  • Optimal performance
  • Offers high level security
  • Detects and reports failure of system or network connection.
  • Checks whether the host is responding to the requests.
  • Speed and flexibility

Technologies used for Network Monitoring

  1. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 
  2. Microsoft Computer Browser Service 


Simple Network Management Protocol is used for getting information from various devices such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers in a network. SNMP is mostly used in LANs. We know that, it is always disgusting to manage thousands of nodes all together. In that case, SNMP can help to control network nodes from a management host. To attain the benefits of SNMP, SNMP agent software has to be installed on the network device. SNMP is modelled in such a way that it can be utilized in many number of devices, so that the managed nodes will be less affected and the transport requirements will be minimized.

Microsoft Computer Browser Service

The Microsoft Computer Browser Service is responsible for collecting and gathering information about computers in a network. Here, the OS assigns tasks to specific PCs on the network to offer browse services. Any networked PC which can collect, maintain, and distribute a browse list can work as a browser server. Computers that are assigned as browse servers co-ordinate and work together to provide a centralized browse list that contains a detailed list of all known domains, workgroups, and the file servers in the domain to which the PC belongs. The advantage of Computer Browser Service is that it enables users to browse easily and effortlessly for available domains, work groups, servers, and resources. 

Network Monitoring Tools


It’s a PHP/MySQL/SNMP-based network monitoring tool, and focusses on servers like Linux, UNIX, Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Foundry, HP etc.


Zabbix is a very powerfulnetwork monitoring tool, and provides agent-less monitoring, collects nearly any kind of data, and can monitor up to 10,000 devices. Commercial support is also available for this outstanding open source tool.


Nagios is considered as the king of open source network monitoring system.It is not the easiest tool to set up and configure, but unbelievably strong tool, It’s possible to set up email, SMS, and printing alerts using this tool!

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Spamming and the Prevention Methods

Spam mail is a kind of commercial advertising. Spamming is an easy form of advertising a product because email sending much cheaper than other advertising methods. Even if a small number of recipients buy the advertised product, the advertiser will get back more than the advertising cost. 

Even though spam mails are mostly in English, it comes in other languages also including Chinese, Korean and Asian languages.

How Spammers Get Emails?

Spammers harvest Email addresses from the following sources mainly:
Publicly accessible sources like Social Media, News Portals, Search Engines 
Using software programs to collect bulk addresses on the web
By guessing common usernames at a given domain name.


Phishing is a kind of spam where messages coming as it’s sent from some legitimate sources like financial institutions, banks as an attempt to steal recipients’ sensitive data (like bank account/credit card information) on fraud web sites.

In fact, banks or financial organizations will never ask sensitive information online. So, it’s advised to verify the origin of the message before filling any information.

How to avoid Spam?

  • NEVER open suspicious email or attachments. It may have viruses or worms which can infect your PC and later it can be used to send spam.
  • Use firewall on your PC to stop attacks from people who’re attempting to penetrate to your system and use it to send spam.
  • Always check the privacy policy on sites before registration. Please ensure that they will not give away your Email address to other third parties.
  • While posting on forums or other public places, do not add your Email ID in your signature.
  • Setting up autoreplies in Email is good, but it may ensure the existence of your email ID to spammers.
  • If the message arrives from a strange or random letters of domain, they might be spam. Stay away from such mails.
  • Also, avoid using your real email addresses in order to sign up for free downloads.
  • Do not purchase anything through spam messages you receive, so as not to support spammers economically.
  • While in chat rooms, don’t display your Email address publicly
  • Some spam mails would ask recipients to provide their bank account details. If the recipient gives away those details, their bank account balance will be nill within seconds. This kind of spam is called ‘scam’.
  • Other popular kind of spamming, is Nigerian letters which would be a request to be their business partner in the recipient’s country and later on they will ask some initial investment. So, be careful about it.

Spam Category:

  • Personal finance
  • Adult content
  • Health
  • IT
  • Automotive
  • Education and training

New Spam: Ant-Spam Campaign

There has been arrived a new kind of Spam which advertises Anti-Spam campaigns. People who’re eager to know about the anti-spam facts, will be taken to a Trojan site where it uses the infected system to send spam emails to the contact list stored in the PC.

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Big Data Overview

Big data is defined as the data which is too large or complex in nature. It’s also described as the collection, processing and availability of huge volumes of streaming live data in real-time. The traditional data processing techniques are inadequate to process it.

By using Big Data, companies can understand and analyze the business concepts and thereby able to take better decisions and strategies for development of the firm.

Big Data Categories

Big data comes from various devices and their applications. Explained below are some of the methods through which big data can be extracted:
Search Engine: Search engines grab a large volume of data from different sources of database.

Social Media: 
Data gathered through Social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, Google Plus. It contains the information and comments posted by millions of people around the globe.

Stock Exchange: 
It has information about the ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ decisions regarding share between different companies and the customers.

It includes the data on vehicle model & type, capacity, distance and availability of a vehicle.

Black Box: 
It is incorporated by flights, which stores a large amount of information like the conversation between flight crew members and other communication centers such as ground duty staff.

Power Grid: 
The power grid data stores the information consumed by a particular node in a base station.

The Importance of Big Data

There are several significances for Big Data which can solve and rectify many issues in businesses, like below:
  • To take smart and wise decision
  • For the development of a new product
  • To announce the best and optimized offers
  • To reduce cost
  • To reduce time and duration

Big Data Advantages:

  • It’s relevant
  • It’s accessible
  • Big Data is authoritative
  • It’s up-to-date and actionable

Big Data Analytics

While checking big data with high-powered analytics tools, great results can be obtained which can re-draw the business strategy like:
  • Identifying the root cause of failures and defects.
  • Understanding the customer’s habit of buying more clearly
  • Improving consumer engagement and loyalty
  • Calculating the total risk portfolios quickly.
  • Detecting and finding out any suspicious behavior at the earlier stage.

Who uses the Big Data Technology?

  • Banking sectors
  • Government organizations
  • Education centers
  • Health Care sectors
  • Manufacturing units
  • Retail sectors

How businesses are utilizing Big Data?

Big Data is converted into small piece of information. Then business enterprises can analyze and identify what their customers’ need, which products are fast moving in the market, methods to reduce cost etc., Likewise, the Big Data offers big benefits for business enterprises and hence there is a great demand for it in the business world.

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