Friday, 3 March 2017

The Open Source Platform

Open Source: The Definition

The term "open source" can be defined as software source code which anyone can inspect, modify and share because its code is publicly accessible. The good side of open source software is, it’s generally free.

Open source ideology embracesthe principles of open exchange of ideas, collective participation, transparency, and community-based development.

Examples of Open Source Products are:

Mozilla Firefox

Open Office


Linux Operating system


Open Source Software Vs Other Types of Software

  • Open source software code is available to public so they can view/copy/edit/learn or share the code.
  • Other software source code can be accessed only by those who developed it. The developers have the total control over the code.

Is ‘Open Source’ Free?

  • It’s free, but not always.
  • Many open source programmers charge money for the support services. They give users the source code free, but charge for the installation services, troubleshooting etc.,

Open Source Software: The Benefits


The open source codes are more secure than the closed or proprietary software, because any bug in the open source will be solved quickly as many developers are there working to fix the bug.


Most of the Open Source projects are available free of charges and royalties. When an open source software is purchased, there is freedom in both cases – free of charge, and free of software licenses.

Zero Upgrade Price

There is no need to pay regular upgrade price in the case of open source, and virus attack, data loss are nearly no chance.


Open source software is highly customizable because the code is open, it's so simpleto modify the functionality as per the business needs of the client.


There are numerous developers and users working in each corner of the world to improve the security of open source software. That’s why many innovative features and upgrades are coming to open source products.
In case of proprietary software, only the developers of the assigned company are there to work for upgrading the product.

Freedom from a Single Vendor

If purchase a product form Software vendors, there might be chances they may go of business and shut down their office, but that will not happen in case of an open source software, as it is not owned to a specific company. 

Support Options

In case of open source, it’s almost free, and there is an active community to support and solve the coding issues and bugs through documentation, forums, mailing lists, newsgroups and live chat.


The open source code can be visible and so, anyone can check and be convinced and confident about the code security. A closed source software, you can’t see the written code, but only believe the words of vendors that it’s secure.

The Disadvantages:


Less support is available when issues arise, because open source software relies on its community of developers and users to fix the problems.

Less User Friendly

Open source software might go with developers’ ideas and wishes more than that of end users as the software is not aimed for a business firm by payment. Hence, it can also be less user-friendly.

User Attack

Although there are numerous developers to identify and fix the bugs, there might be also malicious users who can damage the software. 

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