Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Data Security and the Protection Measures

Data Security can be defined as the protection of data from unauthorized access and data theft in its entire life cycle. It means securing the data from unofficial modification or destruction by using physical security means, administrative level controls, logical controls, and other ways of safeguards to restrict accessibility.

The Ways of Securing Data Include:

  • Data Encryption: The data will be converted into a code which required a key to unlock it.
  • Masking of Data: The data will be masked and needs authorization to open it. 
  • Data Backup: Making continuous backup of the data, so the data can be recovered if the master copy is lost. 
  • Erasure of Data: This technique is to ensure that the erased data is completely removed and unauthorized people can’t recover it.
  • Cloud Security: Moving the data to cloud securely in order to protect data. 

Why Data Security?

Data Security has got high concern and companies are spending heavily for data security management. A business –even though it is well established- needs and also depends on a vast pool of reliable data to run its business. Upon losing their valuable data, or altering the data by some intruders can cause an enterprise to fail forever.

Data Protection Measures for Enterprises

Implement multiple layers of security. 
Apply logical security like authorization, authentication, encryption and passwords.
Apply physical security like restricted access and locks on server, storage and networking cabinets. 

Type of Data Security Devices


Antivirus Scanning devices

Content Filtering devices

Intrusion Detection devices 

Preventative devices

Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices

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