Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Quantum Computers: The Super Fast Computers!


Quantum Computers -built on the principles of quantum mechanics - are unbelievably powerful computers which have a new approach to processing information. Quantum computing has new type of algorithms to process information more holistically. They may incredibly enhance and speed up drug discovery, optimize complicated manual systems, and dramatically improve artificial intelligence capability. 

Why We Need Quantum Computers in Future?

The Quantum Computer has the potential to store greater information. Even though requires a special environment to function, it optimizes computation time and ability to a great extent. 

Quantum Computer Working Features:

High speed computers based on quantum mechanics.
Information storage is in Quantum bit. 
Information processing is carried out by Quantum Logic Gates.
Circuit behavior is ruled completely by quantum mechanics. 
It uses Qubits i.e. 0, 1 and both of them, or an infinite number of values in between and store multiple values simultaneously to run machines faster.
Operations are normally defined by linear algebra over Hilbert Space and also represented by unitary matrices with complex elements.  

The Advantages

High speed operation
High performance

Companies Researching on Quantum Computers

D-Wave Systems
Hewlett Packard
Alibaba Quantum Computing Laboratory
1QB Information Technologies
Lockheed Martin
Rigetti Computing

Quantum Computing: The Disadvantages

The technology needed to implement a quantum computer is not available right now, because the consistent electron is damaged as soon as it is affected by the environment. The electrons are very much required for the functioning of Quantum Computers. The research is on the way, but not much result yet… 

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